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PCEF Multi-Use Scholarship 2023
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This Scholarship application applies for multiple local scholarships with 1 application. All Seniors are strongly encouraged to fill out this application.


Scholarship Tips

As we move more into the year, the peak time for scholarship applications is approaching. Many scholarships start popping up in November and many are due in early April. Here are a few tips to get you started in your search, if you haven't already, or to help focus your search a bit.

1. DO NOT pay for a search engine. Most of these are scams and the ones that aren't don't do anything you can't do yourself.

2. Over apply. There are a huge amount of scholarships out there for more things than you could imagine. Apply for anything that you think you even slightly qualify for. A lot of scholarships go under applied for so you might not think you have a shot but you are the only person that applied so BOOM! Money in your pocket just for putting in a little effort.

3. Save essays and lists of activities/volunteer hours/awards. You should be able to re-use these things on multiple applications. Changing an existing essay to fit is much faster than re-writing an entire essay if you don't have to start from scratch. 

4. Put in an hour or 2 of search time each week and it can really pay off.

5. Scholarships are money that you don't have to pay back so the more of them you get the less debt you will find yourself in after choosing to go to a college or university. Most only take 15 minutes to fill out and can be worth $1000 or more. That's the kind of hourly pay rate that is hard to turn down. Invest in yourself!

Local scholarships will be coming out soon and I will send them to you via email, have hard copies in my office, and put announcements in when something new arrives. I will also send things to individuals if I receive something I know fits career and college goals. It is important to let me know what your plans are, if you know them, for after graduation so I can guide things your way.



Attention all Senior Families! The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application portal opens on Oct. 1. All Seniors in Illinois are required to fill out the FAFSA. This does not obligate you to take any loans or commit to any particular institution. In an attempt to help families with the process, Highland has provided a presentation to assist families in navigating the application and it can be found at the following link:

I am available to answer questions and help with applications and we also have Kathy Bangasser at Highland that is available. She can help with the basic questions and is very helpful with more complex questions. She can be reached at:[email protected]


Hello everyone! I just returned to school after taking time off to be with my newborn son. I am very excited to be back with you all and as we move forward, we will be doing our normal activities such as senior meetings, SAT testing, and College/Scholarship applications.

Bella Kostallari and Kayla Runkle received scholarships from My Friend's Closet Thrift Store, a mission of St. John's Lutheran Church in Lena.

FAFSA Application Portal Open
Just a friendly reminder, the FAFSA application portal will open on October 1. It is recommended that families file as early as possible in order to be eligable for the most funds possible. If you are in need of assistance, please contact me at [email protected] or at 815-443-2715. 

Scholarship Recipients

Upperclassman Scholarship Recipients for 2020

25 Recipients
$17,000 Total Awarded

Amanda Baldauf, Burgundy Barklow, Taylor Brudi, Shayna Drake, Mackenzie Endress, Anna Harrington, Gwen Heimerdinger, Brooke Hass, Alyssa M. Johnson, Addison Keltner, Zach Lieb, Andrew Lorig, Lydia Lott, Kendra Melville, Kayla Niehaus, Isa Pena, Libby Petersen, Lucas Petersen, Macayla Pilson, Randy Potter, Liana Rosenstiel, Delanie Strohecker, Margaret Tessendorf, Jazmin Wingert and Riley Wright

2019 Graduates awarded $11,500 in Scholarships

The Pearl City Education Foundation awarded $11,500 to 13 seniors from the 2019 graduating class at Pearl City High School. The 17 scholarships ranged from $250 - $2500.
The recipients included (Front Row): Amber Roach, Riley Wright, Liana Rosenstiel, Mackenzie Endress, Isabel Pena, Lauren Strock, Ashley Strock (Back Row): Jaydon Kempel, Brooke Haas, Addison Keltner, Zach Lieb, Andrew Lorig, Elizabeth Dixon.

New Graduation Requirement for the 2019-2020 school year. 
The Board of Education has approved adding volunteer hours to our graduation requirement. Attached is a letter from Dr. Mandrell explaining the process.  I have attached the form that students need to complete and turn into me when they have completed hours. 
If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Mandrell or myself.

2019 Harlan Rigney Scholarship: Available in counseling office 

Upperclassman Scholarship.pdf

2018 Lions Club "Anonymous Donor" Scholarship 

Dylin Ditsworth has been awarded $3,000 from an "anonymous donor" sponsored by the Pearl City Lions Club.  The Lions Club selects the recipient based on criteria created by the donor to include a student who has the potential to excel with the proper direction. Congratulations! 





Brent Barklow, Taylor Brudi, Peyton Brudi, Abigayle Endress, Kalli Kaney, Hayden Keltner, Danielle Lee, Michaela Lee, Clayton Lieb, Kendra Melville, Macayla Pilson, Madison Pitts, Elizabeth Strock, Kerry Strock, Drew Strohecker, Kalli Visel & Bronte Wright


2019 Upperclassman Scholarships

22 Recipients, $12,000. Total awarded.
PCEF Congratulates you! 
Burgundy Barklow, Jaryd Breece, Peyton Brudi, Taylor Brudi, Shayna Drake, Abigayle Endress, Gwen Heimerdinger, Kalli Kaney, Hayden Keltner, Clayton Lieb, Nathan Lot, Kendra Melville, Kayla Niehaus, Macayla Pilson, Madison Pitts, Randy Potter, Elizabeth Strock, Kerry Strock, Delanie Strohecker, Margaret Tessendorf, Bronte Wright, Jazmin Wingert.


Pearl City FFA  Receives a Grant from Monsanto 

Pearl City, IL (4/9/19) – County farmer Ryan Keltner directed $2,500 to Pearl City High Schools FFA through America’s Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by the Bayer Fund. As part of their mission FFA will use the funds to purchase supplies for the greenhouse the FFA will be receiving this summer.” said,  Dr. Kelly Mandrell, Pearl City High School, Junior/Senior High School Principal.

Celebrating its 10th year, America’s Farmers Grow Communities partners with farmers to support nonprofit organizations strengthening rural communities. The program offers farmers the chance to direct a $2,500 donation to a nonprofit of their choice. It has awarded more than $33 million to over 8,000 nonprofits across rural America.

“A better life is Bayer’s goal. Farmers are invested in their communities, they root for their neighbors, and they know when and where there is a need,” said Al Mitchell, Vice President Corporate Engagement, Bayer. “Farmers are one of America’s best resources, which is why Grow Communities partners with them to direct donations to the organizations they are passionate about and that make a positive impact and a better life in communities.

The FFA and the Pearl City School District would like to "thank" Mr. Keltner and the entire  community for their continued support to the District. 


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