There are many different fashions and clothing styles for our students at the store. However, not all fashion or clothing is acceptable to wear at school.
● Hats are not allowed to be worn inside the school buildings at any time. Hoods and scarves are considered hats.
● Clothing worn is not to be suggestive or indecent.
● Students can not wear anything that could be part of a costume, i.e. headbands with ears on them, tails.
● Short shorts, dresses, skirts or shirts that expose a student’s navel or stomach will not be allowed. Guideline to be used is two finger widths for straps on shoulders and with hands down to the side, shorts, dresses, and skirts reaching at least the level of the tip of the student’s thumbs.
● The length of shorts for Physical Education class must also reach the tip of the student’s thumbs when hands are at their sides.
● All pants must be worn above the hips.
● Pants that have holes in them, where skin can be seen, need to have the skin covered by another pair of pants or the holes need to be covered.
● Clothing and general appearance is to be such as not to constitute a health or safety hazard.
● T-Shirts cannot be worn that have the sleeves cut off them.
● Clothing and general appearance is not to be the type that would cause a disturbance or interfere with the instructional program.
● Clothing displaying inappropriate slogans, pictures, or language will not be allowed.
● All decisions to whether a student’s dress is appropriate will be determined by the Principal.
● If a change in dress is required a detention may be assigned by the Principal.
● Personal headphones are not allowed to be worn in the hallways. They may be brought to class if the teacher asks the students to do so.
● Students are not allowed to wear slippers to school.
● Chains to connect wallets are not allowed at school.
● Leggings or compression yoga pants cannot be worn as pants unless the shirt that the student is wearing meets the requirement of reaching a student’s thumbs when arms at the student’s side. These shirts must also be the same length in front as it is in the back.

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